ESU LOKsound: New England Custom Rail resells products made by German-based ESU GmbH, one of the most renowned suppliers of model railroad DCC sound technology in Europe. ESUís advanced technology allows extreme flexibility in the adaptation of customized sounds and features. ESUís technology breaks the limits of past decoders. For more information, see our ESU  LOKsound section.

Motrak Models: New England Custom Rail resells some of the finest custom cast structures, car loads and castings for the discerning hobbyist see our Motrak Models section.

Display Cases: New England Custom Rail is currently searching for quality display cases. Come back again for updates.

Lenz DCC: New England Custom Rail is an authorized dealer of Lenz DCC products. We offer installation services, programming and troubleshooting of DCC problems as well.  For more information, see our Lenz DCC section.

Bragdon Scenery: New England Custom Rail offers various model scenery and casting products from Bragdon Enterprises. This includes their GEODESIC FOAMô product which makes for lightweight and durable castings with less mess than the traditional plaster. For more information, see our Bragdon Scenery section.

ITTC Stationary Sound: New England Custom Rail offers stationary sound modules and components from Innovative Train Technologies Co. For more information, see our ITTC Sound section.

Project Packs:  A unique form of packaging for New England Custom Rail decals that provides the hobbyist with the following: 

1) A recommended detail parts list which has been researched to accurately reflect the prototype. 
2) A set of custom decals designed to be applied to a particular manufactures engine or car. 
3) A series of instructions that will allow the hobbyist to create a model to be proud of. 

Our first two Project Packs  allowed an engine to be built in one of two forms, either as it was originally delivered to the purchasing railroad over fifty years ago or as it exists today working on one of New England's tourist railroads.

We have since developed several other Project Packs for both engines and cars for various New England tourist railroads. We are always looking to add new Project Packs to our portfolio, so you never know what you might find on your next visit.

For more information go to the Project Packs section..  

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