Specialty: Sometimes there are creative ways of performing a mundane task. When we at New England Custom Rail come up with these ideas, we try them. When they work, we share them with you. Take a look at what we have developed below.

Track cleaning a chore?  Now it can be fun with the “Cleaning Train”.


Designed and Developed By James E. Harter Jr.

 What would make track cleaning a little less of a chore and a little more fun – do it the way any railroad would with a special work train.

We here at New England Custom Rail have taken what we believe to be two of the best cleaning machines on the market and combined them together. By taking the strongest points of each cleaning car we have created a complete “Cleaning Train”. This work train can apply your favorite solvent and then wipe it up in a single pass. The train is not ugly because we have made custom decals and models to cover the utilitarian nature of these functional cars. So now just load the tank with the solvent, adjust the drip, and send this train around your tracks behind you favorite engine.

We at New England Custom Rail made this custom Central Vermont version for our track cleaning chores. So if you want to clean your layout track like the real railroads do, just contact us at requests@newenglandcustomrail.com   

We can supply you with just the caboose shell or the whole train. For pricing send us a request.

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